Email Forensics Case Study : Extracting Selective Images from Thunderbird Profiles

Robert Hobb | June 23rd, 2021 | Forensics

How Forensiksoft helped a leading IT company in extracting image attachments from several Thunderbird profile and seamlessly extracted data using the Email Forensics Toolkit

Forensic software is a US-based company specializing in email forensics solutions. It has a wide range of solutions categorized as Converter, Migrator, and Backup to analyse and store evidence from 100+ file-formats, including email file types, document files, image files, computer files, and more. 

The Company also provide service to analyse mailboxes from the email client services like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Opera Mail, eM Client, Lotus Notes, and many other. 

All of the software solutions are offered by the Forensik software have a foundation on reliability, accuracy, and trustworthiness. 

The team at the organization is highly professional and trained in multiple fields. At present, they have successfully resolved multiple Email Forensics case studies from different corners of the world. They have a stellar reputation in the business for providing outstanding and updated forensics solutions. 

Image Extraction from Thunderbird Mailboxes

Forensiksoft has a dynamic solution called Email Forensics Toolkit that can extract evidence from 500+ file types using the various advanced features.

Challenge: This client needs to analyze the image attachments from multiple employees’ Thunderbird profiles. They need to analyze the attachment as images in JPG and PNG files from the last three months. As a result, they wanted all the images that include phone number screenshots in the PDF file.

Image file Extraction and Evidence Collection

It is essential to understand what image extraction in this specific email forensics case study. It is a process in which several image files are investigated, sent and received through of an email profile. The forensic investigation uses a software solution to extract information like images, sender information, IP address, and more to analyze and investigate image files.

Email Forensics Software Solution

We helped this client using our all-in-one forensic tool known as Email Forensics Wizard. This utility has an advanced search option that filters image attachments using the image file size, name, date range, etc. 

Also, while previewing the emails from the mailboxes, the application provides the Open, Save, and Save option to view the attachment.

At last, the evidence image files can save as pdf with attachments and email header. This way, we have successfully accomplished the process of images extraction from Thunderbird mailboxes in a few hours. There were complete results and no hassle during the investigation. 

We finished the project on time with minimum time invested in selective image extraction due to the software’s speed and 100% accuracy.

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