Terms & Condition

Terms of Service

This document outlines the terms of your use of our products. These terms are a legally binding agreement between you and DownloadMails, so please read them carefully. If you agree to these terms, please register to any of our services.

Information About Us

DownloadMail is a cloud-based management platform. Our products make it easy for people to download emails from any webmail and save them as standard file formats. Since our products are cloud-based, you can access them via the Web and any device type of your choice (such as desktops and laptops.)

Changes in These Conditions

We reserve the right to modify these terms. We will publish the latest version of these terms on www.downloadmails.com the changes to these terms will notify you via email of the address associated with the service and your account. If you do not accept the changes, you must cancel your account via email@box.com. After posting or sending us information about our changes to these terms, your service's continued use means that you agree to the updated terms.


To make use of DownloadMail services, you must be at least 18 years or more.

Update Service

We may make necessary deployments for service changes, updates or enhancements at any time. We may also add or delete functions or terminate the service altogether.

Access to the Site

To use the website or service, you must first register to establish an account with us, Fill in the account registration form provided on the website. Millions of people trust DownloadMail to backup emails and other information from the account. You only need to register once. In any case, we must approve the registration, and we reserve the right to reject any registration application under fundamental reasons.

Registering multiple DownloadMail accounts on your behalf will be considered an abuse of our service, and we reserve the right to suspend your access to the service.

You must ensure that all registration details provided are accurate. Please provide online information before completing the registration application. You can check for errors on the screen before submitting the online form. You are responsible for ensuring that the details you provide to us are correct and complete, and are responsible for notifying us of any changes to the information you provide. You can access and update the information you provide to us in relevant areas of the website, including your account settings.

  • (a) Updates of services and new features or products.
  • (b) Administrative information and other information.
  • (c) Advertising, marketing and other materials related to DownloadMail products and services.

  • The notification sent to you will be received when the email sent. If you do not agree to receive notifications electronically (except for advertising and marketing materials), you must stop using the service.

    Copyright compliance and local policies

    DownloadMail respects others' intellectual property rights and will respond to notices of suspected copyright infringements and comply with the law. We reserve the right to delete or disable content suspected of violating copyright laws or these conditions and terminate the infringer's account.
    If you think your intellectual property rights violated, please abide by our copyright; you can also find it here:

    Confidential information

    During your service, DownloadMail may share with you information that should be kept confidential. For example, suppose we introduce you to our product design, technical knowledge and know-how. In that case, you can view security audits, business and marketing plans, or share our business processes with you.

    Likewise, we agree that your content, credit card/banking information, and information in your account are confidential.

    Also, if one of us provides a document marked "confidential" (or similar content), or provides information (written or oral) that a reasonable person should keep confidential, it is considered personal information.

    However, if you tell us the following information:

    1. We have known you at the specified time.
    2. The third-party informs us that we have the right to disclose.
    3. We develop independently. If any of your confidential information not used, the data will not be considered personal information.

    The information we tell you belongs to any of the above categories, and the information is the same.

    Finally, both of us agree:

    1. We will treat each other's information in the same way as we treat confidential information.
    2. Only use each other's confidential information related to these terms and services.
    3. Only need to know who have agreed in writing to treat it as confidential information to share information (as described in this section).
    4. Unless permitted by these terms of services, may share no communication with any third party.

    Of course, confidential information will always be the property of its owner.