Refund Policy

A consumer can submit a refund request within 30 days of the date of purchase. The following return policy allows a refund:

Refund Guidelines:

The money refund policy is really simple and convenient. The refund request shall be initiated immediately if all of the following conditions are met:

Note: After 30 days of purchase, the compensation fee will not be approved.

  • You must purchase the tool from DownloadMails or our registered resellers.
  • If the licensed features are not similar to the trial version features.
  • When our technical support supervisor cannot help you resolve the program trouble even if our technical support has been contacted.

The repayment request remains invalid if the following scenarios are met:

  • An unexplained update or contact delay
  • The framework cannot meet the required prerequisites for running an application.
  • The email is marked as spam by the email application used by customer.
  • If the activation email is returned for anonymous reasons.
  • The application has been used and is no longer needed.
  • Purchased it unintentionally and want to delete it.
  • The software is incompatible with the operating system.
  • If the issuance of licenses is delayed due to a weekend

No liability for the misinterpretation of the customer's data as part of the software promotion the repayment operation is only finalized when we get an email with a Letter of Destruction signed by a customer. This destruction letter is a written document that the software has been completely destroyed from all devices wherever they are installed. The customer is also responsible for the physical inspection within one year of purchase. After the request for a reimbursement, the proof of the software in the customer environment is punishable.

We will continue to help you if the licensed program is buggy. Our trained technician should be notified by email of any problems during the purchase. Please read our Privacy Policy acarefully before purchasing.

Note: We reserve the right to decline any refund claims from customers who fail to meet the refund conditions in our sole discretion.